Holiday? ^.^

There is a lovely Sunday with no sun in my city which is the very nice season I love. Can’t say it no sun at all, but it has low light with a little drizzling … Ya… Cool cos not hot temper ^.^

20130602-113124 ល្ងាច.jpg
Let’s talk about my diary today! Hey… I very got fun from this Sunday. Why that? Of course, today I am busy since morning till evening … It so strange for free people like me… Hahahaha …

20130602-113554 ល្ងាច.jpg
Hmmm! Today I went to visit royal place view in my city ( Phnom Penh ) and also feed pigeon with some corn. Then, I went to join Memoryfilmfestival at Chaktomok conference hall … And what I found is very funny movie hahaha^.^

20130602-113931 ល្ងាច.jpg
And after that, is shopping time with mom and aunt and its also the time for spend … Lolzzz poor me!!!
Then finally is the time to coffee with my lovely … And here she is ^_^

20130602-114124 ល្ងាច.jpg


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