What is My Plan

In my life I already draw my plan .. If I can I hope to do it . If I will get job in my age of 21 and if I collect enough money in my hands, in my age of 22 I will run a business .

First of my business plan is “Cloth Shop”. It is a cloth shop which sale only secondhand product. Why that? It a strange idea and I know it. In my opinion, I think recycle is the best way to save money,save environment, save rubbish space, art and design. My plan also bring idea of photography with to push up an idea of design and creative. Not only that, user of secondhand product will got a feel of being the one coz secondhand product is not always has a lot of same copy in a season, it different from brand new product which has a lot of copy and everybody have the same style in one time. That’s I can say “Not so creative of wearing the same with many people”. But I don’t means brand new product is not good, It still always my choice and nobody can forgot it.

Then, if my first business running well, after 2 years of it I will run one more business. I have 2 cousins study of IT and soon I will push my young brother to study IT too. While one cousin is programmer so I just need graphic designer and repairer and we all can provide many kinds of IT service. This just a plan, it funny but I like to plan. Coz I am older sister and I have lack knowledge with IT so what I can do is promote and sponsor. This is the way to create job to all my brothers and relatives.

After 2 years of running my 2 businesses, in case it all success I never forgot to run a drink shop. Green tea is very attract by teenager and my young sister very likes it. It is a fun place to chat and meeting for young guy. I think if I run a drink shop nearby a school. I will got more hope to gain profit. That I want to do. With my favor of photography I will try all my best to take cute photo and I hope to film some video at my shop. I also have a good idea to provide T-shirt painting for my costumers. People nowadays are very creative and love to create something new for themselves. So, it a chance to paint what they want,for someone or for couple with very suitable price .

And when I get 28 years old, if I success all my businesses again, what I love the most “Tea and Coffee”. It a drink shop again but this one is not cute and funny as the last one. I love silent place and my Tea and Coffee will be a silent place to relax and collect idea. Drink tea and think the plan … Idea come out … Everything going well. It sound very nice. With my design of light color decoration, Tea and Coffee will become a great place for meeting and for business.

It sound that after 2 years more of running my 4 businesses I will get 30 years old… Wow… My age will start from number 3 ! So what my next plan if all my businesses already going well and success … That… is pack some cloth and go for trip .. Hooray !!!

Really nice daydream for this holiday ! Uh oh!
I know I am the most of super dreamer in the world … Lolzz
Sonyka, How funny and creative you are ^o^


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