Time to study about myself!
Several day ago I find out that I am very bad of talking English . My writing not so bad sometime but the big problem is I don’t know why I can’t speak English fluently.
I try to speak English and also reading! Actually it not helpful but today I find the key.
Because I am a kind of proud people so I don’t like feeling of down … Usually I always stays high, and when I feel high my idea and my sense come out automatically . Today I can improve my speaking skill much more better than yesterday. This the best key !! To make myself feel high is to look at people who down than me … And tell myself ..” They are lower! I am the best! No one can compare with me!~~~” . Sorry it not means I am a kind of who like to look down people but it just to lie myself for a short moment of my work.!!
It really work with me!!! And one more thing that I need to feeling high is Because when I think of lower people under me I think they are depend on me if I am weak if I’m not strong who they can depend on…! It push me to fighting !!! 4 years of fighting for my people I feel high !!!
@ Feeling High


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